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Chinese Drama

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Modern Dance

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Join TJC Chinese Drama, with over 40 years of rich history. TJC Chinese Drama is one of the earliest founded CCA in TJC. From leading the college's CNY celebrations, to earning accolades such as the prestigious gold award with Honours in SYF, our journey has been remarkable. In 2019, our 40th anniversary Chinese Drama Night was a hit, and in 2022, our drama piece "Missing" (错过)received the Certificate of Distinction at SYF. This year, continuing our tradition of community engagement, we're taking our 2024 SYF performances to the old folk's home.


Dive into our showcase, "Is Okay to be not Okay," where we explore the depths of mental health issues. Join us in understanding and acceptance as we perform at school on 30 April 2024. Discover the inner struggles we all face – join the conversation.


In Term 3, we will conduct our VIA session and Annual performance (Temasek Night). More videos will be on our channel:


Temasek Junior College Chinese Orchestra (TJCO) was one of the student pioneer groups established in 1977, at the time when the College was just founded. With a mission to cultivate an appreciation for music in students, TJCO provides a conducive environment for passionate musicians to learn and play Chinese instruments.


Our Orchestra has consistently performed at a high standard. We stage our own annual concerts, and have achieved many accolades. In recent years, the Orchestra has continued to achieve outstanding results in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival.


TJCO is more than just stage performances – it is a place for us to share our love for music, forge new friendships, and have fun together while playing as an Orchestra.


“Singing in a choir speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind, and heals the heart.”

The TJChoir is a group of passionate singers, who wish to spread our love for choral music to others. Through singing as one, we can make magic using our voices. We can expand our imagination of what music entails, from classic choral works to pop choral arrangements, musical medleys and even non-singing choir pieces. We have the power to (re)define what being a choir is all about!

Embark with us on our many music adventures, from staging our annual choir concerts as part of our Reflections series, to hosting our biennial combined choirs exchange and concerted titled SING! Push yourself together with our fellow choristers as we aim for choral excellence, from local competitions such as the 2019, 2021 and 2023 SYF where we attained the Certificate of Distinction, to overseas choral festivals, most recently being the 2018 Belt and Road World Choir Festival in Hong Kong where we attained Gold in Mixed Youth Voices, being champions for the category and qualifying as grand finalists in the Grand Prix Round.

So come SING with us! Join us on our never-ending quest to find new harmonies as one choir, blended in voices, and bonded in spirit.

Our Website:

Our Insta-page: @tj.choir

Our Youtube channel:  TemasekJC Choir



Passionate about drama? Interested to discover more about theatre? You’ve come to the right place!

The Temasek Junior College (TJC) Drama Club welcomes students regardless of prior experience in drama, with roles for both cast and crew.

Led by our drama instructor, set designer, and teachers-in-charge, the Drama Club has staged countless drama performances in our very own Black Box to great acclaim.

But don’t just take our word for it – at the 2018 and 2022 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for English Drama, the Drama Club attained the prestigious Certificate of Distinction.

Are you convinced now? So what are you waiting for? Be enthralled by TJC's Drama Club!

[Exit stage left.]


Ever wanted to learn a new instrument? Or perform in front of large crowds? TJC Guitar Ensemble has got you covered! Whether you are a budding beginner or a seasoned soloist, TJC Guitar Ensemble welcomes you to join the Guitar family! Here in Guitar Ensemble we learn a range of diverse pieces, from classical pieces to pop songs, and you will have countless opportunities to showcase them both as an ensemble as well as in smaller groups. You can even try your hand at arranging a piece! In the JC ensemble, you will also get a chance to play the Niibori guitars, which are differently pitched guitars to achieve an orchestra effect.
We stage our own annual concerts, participate in inter-school Guitar Festivals and various College events such as Open House and National Day celebrations. TJC guitarists also bond over food and games during the annual Guitar Camp and give back to the community through its Values-In-Action projects. In the recent 2023 SYF Arts Presentation, both the IP and JC Guitar Ensembles attained the Certificate of Distinction. 

Ultimately, our CCA is more than just performing. It is about creating unforgettable memories and sharing our passion for music together as one Guitar Ensemble. Head on over to our very own TJC Guitar Ensemble Instagram @tj.gyeetar to connect with us and find out more!

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Whether you are experienced or are thinking of trying your hand at dance, TJC IP Modern Dance Club (MDC)  provides a welcoming place for anyone of any background to make new friends and grow their passion for music and movement! Additionally, dancers train not just their physical strength and technique, but they will also learn about spatial awareness and discipline.

In TJC IP MDC, you can expect to learn many different styles of dance such as contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and even Bollywood! Opportunities such as self-choreography are also available during your time here. Under the guidance and teaching of our experienced external instructors, we can assure you that your time here will be one of growth during your precious years of adolescence.


Since its inception in the 1990s, the Temasek Junior College String Ensemble has made considerable strides to become one of TJC’s foremost performing arts groups. It aims to cultivate in its members a love for string playing through exposure to a myriad of musical styles and genres, ranging from Baroque classics to film music of the 20th century. This is complemented by a wide array of musical activities, including public performances, intra-school showcases, exchange programmes and masterclasses. 


Over the last decade, the ensemble has grown significantly under the leadership of its conductor Mr Yang Zheng Yi. Most notably, at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, it has obtained six consecutive Certificates of Distinction in recognition of its musical achievement, with the most recent Distinction attained in the 2023 SYF AP. Apart from holding biennial public concerts, the ensemble has participated in local music events including the Toscani Violin Exhibition and Fete de la Musique. It has also staged community performances at Bedok Town Square and Bedok Community Plaza for the Bedok National Day Celebrations, as well as at the Lions Home for the Elders, MWS Nursing Home, and NTUC Health's Chai Chee Nursing Home.


The ensemble brings together students from both JC and IP sections to experience the joy of collaborative music-making. It is open to all students with prior experience in bowed string instruments, as well as other students with music background and a keen interest in string instrument playing. You can follow TJC String Ensemble on Instagram @temastrings!

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The Temasek Junior College Symphonic Band was established in 1977 for students to express their interest and love for music. The Band has since maintained a high standard of excellence driven by commitment, dedication and sheer passion of its students and conductor. Since 2013, the Band has expanded in membership with the inclusion of more than 90 students from IP Year 1 to 4. The IP Band has attained many consecutive Distinction Awards for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation since their first SYF in 2017. As the IP Band grows, it aspires to carry on the tradition of creating and presenting beautiful music to its listeners.

TJCSB YouTube channel:

TJCSB Website:

Check out more of their performances!

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