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In Temasek Junior College, our vision for our students is for them to become reflective students with an appreciation for various forms of the Aesthetics. Through the various arts education activities in their curriculum and co-curriculum, students learn the importance and relevance of the Aesthetics in their own holistic education not just as a student, but as a person.

The arts experiences we offer our students ranges from our broad-based Arts Education activities for all our cohort levels from IP1 to JC2, to the Aesthetics curriculum for all our IP1-IP2 students. These programmes widen our students’ perspectives and allow them to experience the arts as an audience member, participant, and creator. For those who would like to pursue Music and Art as a niche subject, we have the Music Elective Programme for the IP and JC levels, and the A level Art subject. Students who have an interest in the performing arts can also engage themselves meaningfully in our performing arts and cultural Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). We are proud to share our strong arts culture with everyone through this website we have curated and created.

The arts is a reflection of the attention we pay to that which we cannot always quantify numerically: what inspires us and fires our imagination, what provokes us to think, and what constitutes our identity as a human being. It is for this reason that we strongly hope that all TJCians will learn to apply our slogan of appreciating and loving the arts in their lives--"The Arts at TJC: Know it. Love it. Live it." 

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